Ansh Motion Pictures

ansh motion pictures

Ansh Motion Pictures started off as a simple idea that was coined by our chairperson. We aim at providing quality entertainment that is synonymous with the changing preferences of the Indian audience. We consistently push our boundaries to deliver quality reel and televised entertainment to the Indian masses.

We aim at producing films that are not only diverse but also cater to audiences coming from all strata and generations of the Indian society. We are particularly interested in making movies that offer edge-of-seat thrills to the audience and also those which has gripping storylines and realistic dialogues.

Our company is in works of upgrading its capabilities, equipment and expertise that will allow us to work with big names in the Indian television as well as the film industry. Ansh motion pictures are known for its dynamic nature that will enable us to extend our boundaries and collaborate with international talents as well.

We are proud of our production team that consists of top-of-the-line cinematographers and celebrated technicians. We implemented international standards in our operations that allow us to function as a global enterprise. The benefit of maintaining strict quality-control on our content enable us to deliver world-class entertainment to the Indian audience.

We are continuously driven by a hunger for continuous growth and progress. It allows us to venture uncharted waters and test our capabilities both in the T.V. and the silver screen. We want to see ourselves as an established label that is capable of attracting top production houses for collaborative work. We also want our company to be able to work with famous names in the Indian TV and film industry.

The future of entertainment is the internet. With that notion in mind, we are also slowly working our way towards web series, podcasts and live internet radio shows. It will not only allow us to expand our expertise but also enable us to showcase untapped talent.